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This blog is the result of my decades of research into Adolf Hitler's surprise attack on Soviet Russia on Sunday, 22 June 1941. You can read my posts about Operation "Barbarossa" (the code name for Germany's attack on the USSR), about other WWII issues, and on occasion about contemporary political and cultural issues. (To learn more, click here )

15 July 2018: New blog post about my grandfather, who 100 years ago, was grazed in the head fighting w/ U.S. Army in the Argonne Forest.

I am now on Face Book (see my blog post for details). I'm also posting on several eastern front, Wehrmacht and Waffen SS forums.

27 June 2018: Just posted three new videos of eastern front combat footage. Located in the Video Library.

My NEW BOOK, The First Day on the Eastern Front: Germany Invades the Soviet Union (June 22, 1941) (HB, 7" by 10", 448 pages) can now be
On the trail of German Army Group Center

See more than 100 color photos of my 4500 km journey in June 2016 through Belarus and Russia in the footsteps of Dr Heinrich Haape's 18 Infantry Regiment at the start of Operation Barbarossa (See blog posts 18 & 19 for my account of the trip.)

Fascinating WWII Photos

This link to the Flickr account of Mr Bruce Sadler contains dozens of fascinating photos. The pictures -- prewar France, the Battle of France (1940), the  Russian campaign -- were originally discovered by Bruce's father at the end of World War II in a photo album he found at Dachau. (For more details on these photos see Post #25 )

Special thanks to Bruce Sadler for enabling me to add these terrific photographs to my website!
Below you will also find excerpts from several of my books, WWII videos , and truly amazing photographs of Operation Barbarossa , including dozens never before published. All of my books are hardback, large format (7" by 10") and based on official German (and sometimes Soviet) military records and interviews with dozens of German veterans of campaigns on both the eastern and western fronts.
The book examines the first 21 hours of Hitler's attack on the USSR (the Germans struck at about 0300 hours) in granular, often minute-by-minute detail, using both German and Russian official source materials.

About the book internationally recognized historian Dr David Stahel writes: "Certainly the most complete and, without question, the most thoroughly researched treatment of the first 21 hours of Operation Barbarossa. Luther has captured the drama, shock and devastation of those fateful hours like no one else." Read an excerpt below.

A second new book of mine, a fully annoted version of Dr. Heinrich Haape's iconic eastern front memoir (Moscow Tram Stop. A Doctor's Experiences with the German Spearhead in Russia--1941/42), should be available at Stackpole Books in 2019. Several excerpts from Haape's memoir are among my blog posts.
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